Big Sur Coastal Trail Master Planning

In 2007, the Coastal Conservancy initiated a planning effort to develop a master plan for the Coastal Trail for the 75-mile stretch of the coast between San Carpoforo Creek in San Luis Obispo County and the Carmel River in Monterey County . Big Sur is one of the most spectacular parts of the California coast with its steep rocky cliffs that plunge into the ocean below. The dramatic scenery makes it a high priority for development of the Coastal Trail, but the rugged topography makes building the trail especially challenging. A master plan will help define a feasible and desirable alignment(s) for the trail through the region. Once completed, the plan will allow agencies to construct individual segments over time and ensure that these pieces will ultimately be part of a coherent regional trail.

Existing Condition Maps Available

To facilitate development of a master plan, the Coastal Conservancy commissioned Alta Planning to develop a set of existing condition maps for the region. The maps are available in two formats – .pdf (Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader) and .kmz (Google Earth)—for all stakeholders to download . Click here for more information about the maps and to download them.

Big Sur Highway 1 Bike Route Improvements, Opportunities and Constraints Analysis

The Conservancy also commissioned an analysis of existing conditions, constraints and opportunities to provide bike route improvements in the right-of-way of Highway 1 through the Big Sur region. Bike route improvements along Highway 1 in the Big Sur study area would be considered part of the CCT system, improving access and safety for touring as well as local bicyclists. Such improvements would also have the potential to serve pedestrians by linking off-highway segments of the CCT to wider shoulders along Highway 1. This analysis is not intended to provide a definitive conclusion as to the feasibility or desirability of improving any segment of the study area or to be a direct basis for any adopted plan or policy – it is technical information intended for further study and discussion purposes. This study is a planning-level analysis of conditions in the corridor. It provides general, tentative indications of bike route improvement feasibility. In any case, specific studies will be required to consider any specific bike route improvement priorities or projects.

Click here to download the opportunities and constraints analysis.