Morro Bay-Port San Luis Commercial Fisheries Business Plan

In January of 2007, the California Coastal Conservancy invested in the Morro Bay/Port San Luis Commercial Fisheries Business Plan (Plan), a comprehensive industry analysis and strategic planning effort for the Morro Bay and Port San Luis commercial fishing industry. The project implemented the Conservancy and Ocean Protection Council strategic plan objectives of establishing ecologically and economically sustainable fisheries and supporting the market based fisheries management approach.

The Plan was managed by the City of Morro Bay as the grant recipient and assessed port infrastructure, commercial landings and earnings, fishery management and impacts, public-private partnerships, marketing strategy, potential funding sources, and management entity alternatives.

The marketing strategy relied on dozens of interviews and meetings throughout the distribution chain to determine and quantify demand, identify market channel and value added opportunities and provide direction for media and communication strategies.

Final recommendations included prioritized action items, roles and responsibilities, metrics for success and potential funding sources. Recommendations were made in the following categories:

  • Find Effective Leadership
  • Promote the Fisheries
  • Create Value
  • Take Advantage of Infrastructure Opportunities
  • Seek Regional Focus in Quota Management and Regulation
  • Develop Effective Partnerships
  • Encourage Innovation

In 2010, LWC created an update to Section 6 of the Plan, Commercial Fishing Landings, which highlighted the jump in total commercial fishing earnings (at the dock) in Morro Bay from approximately $3 million to $4.8 million.