Conserving Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study: Phase One Report Available

The Phase One Report for the Conserving Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study has been completed and is available here

The purpose of the Conserving Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study is to assess the potential for creating a permanent, economically viable and ecologically valuable, agricultural resource area.  The Study is being conducted by SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education) with funding from the San Francisco Bay Area Program of the State Coastal Conservancy.

The purpose of Phase One was to investigate existing conditions and to make a determination of baseline feasibility.   The Phase One report is a compilation of data about current land uses, regulatory context, agriculture, open space, natural resources and land values. It also contains information about resources available for agricultural land preservation and summarizes the considerable challenges as well as opportunities for permanently preserving Coyote Valley agriculture. The Phase One report is available for download here.

The purpose of Phase Two, which has just begun, is to:  (1) refine the overall vision and formulate objectives; (2) evaluate specific conservation mechanisms and financing models that could be employed to support economically viable agricultural operations and an ecologically valuable resource area; and (3) identify potential implementation strategies and options for governance and ongoing management. More information about Phase Two can be found here.

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