Improve Your Grant Writing Skills

On September 15, 2016, the Conservancy held a webinar for 150 people on how to Improve Your Grant Writing Skills. The training covered the following topics:

  • Reviewing Grant Proposals – A funder’s perspective
  • Grant Solicitations – Key strategies for success. How do you decide if a potential grant program is a good fit for your project or worth your time to apply for? Is this the right time to apply for the particular funding source? How do you position yourself for success?
  • Describing Your Project – Being able to describe your project clearly and concisely yet also with sufficient detail is critical to successful grant writing. We will go over key elements and common pitfalls to help you hone your grant writing skills.
  • Grant Questions and Scoring Criteria – We will discuss strategies for addressing grant questions and the challenges they pose such as repetitive questions, questions that don’t address core pieces of your project, questions that don’t match with the scoring criteria, unclear questions, and other challenges for grant writers.
  • Budgets – The ins and outs of how to present your project’s budget. Ultimately it all comes down to money, so a well developed budget is very important.
  • No brainer checklist – Our list of things you absolutely must do with every grant application.

View the Webinar

Download presentation and notes in pdf