Upcoming Webinar: A Coast for All of Us Part 2; Californians’ attitudes about the coast and barriers to coastal access

As economic inequality grows in California, the beach is one space that is truly for everyone.  But are all Californians able to access the coast in the same way?  Join us for Part 2 of our discussion based on recent state-wide research on barriers to getting to the beach.

Wednesday, October 4, 10:00-11:00am

This webinar will feature David Kordus of the Public Policy Institute of California, Jon Christensen from UCLA, Adam Probolsky from Probolsky Research, and Amy Hutzel of the Coastal Conservancy to discuss results from recent polling and focus groups to help understand Californians attitudes on coastal access, protection, and visitation.

The webinar is meant for people who provide coastal access, protect and manage coastal lands, provide education and interpretation, and for people involved in policy matters related to coastal access and conservation. Join us to learn more about what Californians think about the coast!

To attend the webinar, please register in advance at:


This is a continuation of our July 11, 2017 webinar on coastal access. A video of Part 1 of the webinar can be viewed HERE.