Request for Grant Proposals: Calleguas Creek In-Lieu Fee Program Deadline Nov 13

**Grant Proposal Extension** State Coastal Conservancy is requesting grant proposals for aquatic resource restoration, establishment, and enhancement projects located within the Calleguas Creek watershed that may be completed through expenditure of the Calleguas Creek In-Lieu Fee Program’s account balance of $2,300,000. Proposed projects may be of any size and need not satisfy the Program’s entire 20.05-acre mitigation obligation, however, higher priority will be given to those projects that provide greater acreage. For more information, please refer to the Request for Grant Proposals, the Grant Application form, and the Request for Grant Proposals-Attachments.

Public agencies, nonprofit organizations, Indian Tribes, public utilities and water companies are eligible to apply (see Request for Grant Proposals for details).

Applications are due November 13, 2017 and can be submitted via email; no hard copies are required.

For more information, please contact Julia Elkin, South Coast Project Manager, at