Proposition 84 Land Acquisition Notices

Rips Redwoods Conservation and Trail Easement Acquisition

Possible authorization to disburse up to $750,000 to the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District to acquire conservation and public trail easements over the approximately 1,620 acre parcel known as Rips Redwoods Property in coastal Sonoma County.

When – California Coastal Conservancy Public Meeting, March 22, 2018

Satisfaction of PRC Section 75071 criteria:

The proposed acquisition satisfies three of the specified criteria:

  1. Subsection (a), because the project will link a large network of 90,000 acres of protected lands within the northern Sonoma Coast/southern Mendocino area and serve to facilitate wildlife movement and botanical transfer, and result in sustainable, combined acreage;
  2. Subsection (c), because acquisition of the property will support a relatively large area of under-protected major habitat types including coastal coniferous forest; and
  3. Subsection (e), because the project is supported by significant non-state matching funds – SCAPOSD will contribute 5 times the Conservancy’s funding and the landowner is contributing an additional funds in the form of a bargain sale.