Job Posting: Project Support Analyst

“Love the coast, the environment and have a business, hospitality or real estate background?  This might be the job for you!”

This position requires budgetary approval.  

The position is located in Oakland, CA.

Applications received without ALL the required items, will NOT receive further consideration for this position.  A copy of your transcripts or diploma is required, if you are on the Staff Services Eligibility list.

Under the general direction and guidance of a Regional Manager, the incumbent will help manage projects, including Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations projects and Explore the Coast projects. The incumbent will work with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and others to identify opportunities to achieve Coastal Conservancy objectives and support the planning and implementation of these projects. The incumbent’s duties reflect the priorities identified in the Conservancy’s Strategic Plan. It is expected that the work produced by a SSA will be reviewed by the Regional Manager or produced with the assistance or guidance of a Conservancy Project Development Manager (CPDM), Conservancy Project Development Specialist (CPDS), or a Conservancy Project Development Analyst II (CPDA II).

Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations Project Development and Grant Management

Assist in the evaluation of existing lower cost overnight accommodations (such as campgrounds, hostels, motels and others) along the California coast and the development of recommendations and priorities for improved or additional lower cost overnight accommodation facilities (LCOAs). Solicit, identify, and respond to requests for funding and technical assistance from public agencies, nonprofits, and others, for coastal LCOAs and related coastal access projects. Prepare and/or evaluate feasibility studies and business plans and make recommendations as to priority, suitability, and viability of potential projects. Manage contracts and grants agreements related to projects, find creative solutions to obstacles that arise, build relationships with partners, including follow-up to insure compliance with terms of contracts and/or grants. Gather necessary information and travel as necessary to make site inspections and/or to meet with local governments, nonprofits, developers, and others during project development and implementation. Prepare staff recommendations and present projects at Conservancy Board meetings. Manage contracts and grant agreements related to LCOA projects and objectives

Explore the Coast and Related Programs

Assist in the Coastal Conservancy’s Explore the Coast Program to increase opportunities for all Californians to be able to have coastal experiences visiting, recreating, and learning at the coast. This includes especially lower-income people, people with disabilities, English as a Second Language communities, and those who have never been to the coast.  Assist in the development, solicitation, and evaluation of projects and programs by public agencies, nonprofits, and others to increase use of the coast by target audiences, including lower-income and middle-income Californians. Assist with the development of requests for Explore the Coast grant proposals, evaluate proposals, prepare staff recommendations, and manage contracts and grant agreements related to Explore the Coast grant projects and objectives. Assist with the development and management of content for the Explore the Coast web app.

Project Development and Management. Evaluate proposed projects to conserve land, restore habitats, adapt to climate change, increase public access and recreational facilities, conserve working lands, provide for urban greening, and to achieve other Coastal Conservancy objectives. Perform feasibility analyses, gather and review necessary information, travel as necessary to make site inspections and/or to meet with grant applicants and others during project development. Write staff recommendations and present projects at Board meetings. Manage grants and contracts related to projects, including follow-up to insure compliance with terms of contracts and/or grant agreements.

Working Conditions

  • Office setting; Monday through Friday; prolonged periods of sitting (or standing, if preferred)
  • Work on a computer up to 8 hours a day
  • Ability to lift up to 15 pounds
  • Indoor work is common, although outdoor work may be necessary
  • May require an employee to work in adversarial situations
  • Attend and participate in high level meetings
  • Multitask, meet deadlines, and adjust to changing priorities in a cooperative manner
  • Travel, with overnight stays necessary on occasion

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