Request For Services: Construction Manager

The State Coastal Conservancy seeks the services of a construction manager, construction management firm or team (CM)[1] to provide engineering, environmental, process oversight and related services to support construction of the Bel Marin Keys Unit V (BMKV) Phase 1 Project, located adjacent to the City of Novato in unincorporated Marin County. The CM will assist the Conservancy in oversight of the bidding process, design review, environmental and permit compliance, and construction management necessary to construct a levee, seasonal wetlands, and other Project components. Conservancy staff will select the CM based on qualifications in response to this Request for Services.


[1] “CM” refers to an individual Construction Manager, Construction Management firm or team, as well as an individual Construction Manager who may lead a firm/team. The term “CM” is used throughout for simplicity but is not intended to indicate a preference for an individual person, individual firm or team.

For more information, please click here: BMK_CM_RFS_10-10-18_Final