Coastal Conservancy Staff

All Coastal Conservancy staff can be reached at 510-286-1015

  • Executive Officer:
    Sam Schuchat – sam.schuchat (at)
  • Chief Deputy Executive Officer:
    Mary Small – mary.small (at)
  • Deputy Executive Officer:
    Amy Hutzel – amy.hutzel (at)

Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, coastal Sonoma, and coastal Marin counties

Regional Manager

  • Karyn Gear – karyn.gear (at)

Project Managers

  • Lisa Ames – lisa.ames (at)
  • Michael Bowen – michael.bowen (at)
  • Su Corbaley – su.corbaley (at)
  • Joel Gerwein – joel.gerwein (at)
  • Peter Jarausch – peter.jarausch (at)

San Francisco, bayside Marin, bayside Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and bayside San Mateo counties

Regional Manager

  • Matt Gerhart – matt.gerhart (at)

Deputy Regional Manager

  • Brenda Buxton – brenda.buxton (at)

Project Managers

  • Laura Cholodenko – laura.cholodenko (at)
  • Jessica Davenport – jessica.davenport (at)
  • Avra Heller – avra.heller (at)
  • Marilyn Latta – marilyn.latta (at)
  • Kelly Malinowski – kelly.malinowski (at)
  • Jeff Melby – jeff.melby (at)
  • Anna Schneider – anna.schneider (at)

Coastal San Mateo, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties

Regional Manager

  • Trish Chapman – trish.chapman (at)

Project Managers

  • Rachel Couch – rachel.couch (at)
  • Tim Duff – tim.duff (at)
  • Tom Gandesbery – tom.gandesbery (at)
  • Hilary Walecka – hilary.walecka (at)

Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties

Regional Manager

  • Joan Cardellino – joan.cardellino (at)

Deputy Regional Manager

  • Megan Cooper – megan.cooper (at)

Project Managers

  • Evyan Sloane – evyan.sloane (at)
  • Julia Elkin – julia.elkin (at)
  • Greg Gauthier – greg.gauthier (at)
  • Sam Jenniches – sam.jenniches (at)
  • Kara Kemmler – kara.kemmler (at)
  • Chris Kroll – chris.kroll (at)
  • Deborah Ruddock – deborah.ruddock (at)

Administration Staff

Chief of Administrative Services

  • Regine Serrano – regine.serrano (at)

Adminstrative staff

  • Human Resources Manager:
    Johanna Collins – johanna.collins (at)
  • Procurement & Contracts Manager:
    Erlinda Corpuz – erlinda.corpuz (at)
  • Budget Officer & Fiscal Implementation Coordinator:
    Sean Williamson – sean.williamson (at)
  • Accounting Manager:
    Riakat Ali – riakat.ali (at)
  • Contracts Manager:
    Shemar Mauleon – shemar.mauleon (at)
  • Grant Administrator:
    Lily Rios – lily.rios (at)
  • Business Services/Procurement:
    Yolanda Ortega – yolanda.ortega (at)


Communications Director

  • Taylor Samuelson – taylor.samuelson (at)

Latest News

  • RFQ: Executive Project Manager – South San Francisco Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project
    The California State Coastal Conservancy, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are the lead management agencies for the long-term restoration planning and implementation of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (Project). The Project is the largest wetland restoration effort on the U.S. West Coast, encompassing 15,100 acres of […] (Read more on RFQ: Executive Project...)
  • New Strategy for the Survival of Southern California’s Wetlands
    Chula Vista – Today (10/18/18), the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project released its new Regional Strategy 2018, a science-based guide for the long-term restoration and expansion of Southern California’s coastal wetlands. The Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project (WRP), a consortium of federal and state agencies, has been collaborating on wetlands preservation and restoration from Santa Barbara to […] (Read more on New Strategy for...)
  • Proposition 68 Draft Guidelines
    The Coastal Conservancy’s Prop 68 Program Guidelines are available for public review and comment. These guidelines explain the process and criteria that the Conservancy will use to solicit applications, evaluate proposals, and award grants with Prop 68 funds under the Conservancy’s programs. Comments are due on November 12, 2018.  Comments should be emailed to (Read more on Proposition 68 Draft...)
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