Napa River Salt Marsh Restoration Project – Goals



The goals of the Napa River Salt Marsh Restoration Project are compatible with the regional goals stated in the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Report (1999).


Specifically, the goals of the project are to:

  • Restore large tracts of connected tidal marsh, with a band of marsh along the Napa River, to benefit
    • Special status species, such as the salt marsh harvest mouse, Ridgway’s rail and black rail;
    • Endangered fish, such as Delta smelt, Sacramento splittail, steelhead trout, and Chinook salmon; and
    • Aquatic animals, including the Dungeness crab, and other species.
  • Manage the depths and salinities of salt ponds to create habitat diversity for birds, including
    • Shallow areas for shorebirds and dabbling ducks; and
    • Deeper areas for diving ducks.
  • Provide wildlife-oriented public access and recreation, including
    • Fishing;
    • Birdwatching;
    • Hunting; and
    • Environmental education.

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