Napa River Salt Marsh Restoration Project – Progress to Date

The Napa River Salt Marsh Restoration Project has restored and enhanced 6,800 acres of former salt ponds to tidal marsh and managed ponds. Now nearly complete, the project provides fish and wildlife benefits and public access, including signage and benches.


1994 – State agencies purchase salt ponds from Cargill

1997 – Pre-Project restoration complete (Pond 2A)

2004 – Final EIR/EIS complete

2005 – State agencies begin Phase 1 (tidal restoration of 3,000 acres) and Phase 2 (enhancement of an additional 1,800 acres)

2006 – Phase 1 complete (Ponds 3, 4, and 5)

2006 – Phase 2 complete (Ponds 1/1A and 2)

2007 – Congress authorizes the project in the Water Resources Development Act

2007 – Scientists release first monitoring report on water quality, vegetation growth, and wildlife presence (which became the Biennial Report) for Phases 1 and 2

2008 – State agencies complete draft design of Phase 3 (restoration of 2,000 acres and integration of a recycled water pipeline to assist with the dilution of hypersaline water)

2010 – Initial development of tidal marsh vegetation in Ponds 3, 4, and 5

2012 – California Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sign project partnership agreement

2013 – Construction of Phase 3 begins (Ponds 6/6A, 7/7A and 8)

2016 – Phase 3 nearing completion (Ponds 6/6A, 7/7A and 8)

2017 – Scientists continue to collect and report data to support adaptive management of the site for 15 years after project completion (see Biennial Reports in Project Library).


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