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The California coast is a world-renowned treasure, celebrated for its spectacular scenery, temperate climate, and unrivaled recreational opportunities. The image of the California coast is such a vital part of the national psyche that it is often a prominent feature in popular songs and movies. People are drawn to the coast for many reasons, but mainly to relax and enjoy its extraordinary scenic features and recreational opportunities. The beaches, bluffs, trails, piers, harbors, waterfronts, estuaries, parks, cities, and towns along the coast offer abundant opportunities for discovery and adventure during weekend trips or even lengthy vacations.

Despite the various access projects of the conservancy and other agencies, barriers to coastal access remain including the scarcity of affordable overnight accommodations for lower and middle-income individuals and families desiring to visit the coast.

To address this need for affordable coastal accommodations, in 2017 the California State Legislature enacted AB 250. This legislation created the State Coastal Conservancy’s Explore the Coast Overnight Program and called for preparation of a Lower-Cost Coastal Accommodations Assessment. When the draft of this assessment becomes available, it can be downloaded here.

Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground


For more information, contact:

Fanny Yang, North & Central Coast Project Support Analyst

(510) 286-2238

fanny.yang (at) scc.ca.gov

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Rodrigo Garcia, South Coast Project Support Analyst

(510) 286-0316

rodrigo.garcia (at) scc.ca.gov

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