Index of /webmaster/ftp/pdf/sccbb


Welcome to the SCC Board Book Archives. Each folder contains the agenda and 
meeting materials (primarily in PDF format), organized by the year/month of the 
meeting. For example, "0310," found in the 2003 folder above, represents the October, 2003 Board Book.

Each folder also contains at least one .html document. The .html, or .htm, 
document is the agenda for that particular meeting, and most items on the agenda  
contains links to staff reports in PDF.

Note that the staff reports interlink PDFs (supporting exhibits)--this 
navigation method is no longer reliable across all desktops, therefore you are 
encouraged to look at the agenda to find the name and number of the item you 
seek, *then* browse the directory to access all the documents associated with a 
particular agenda item.