Meeting Notice



Douglas Bosco (Public Member), Chairman

Jack Baylis (Public Member)

Marisa Moret (Public Member)

Ann Notthoff (Public Member)

Mike Chrisman, Secretary for Resources; Karen Scarborough (Designated)

Bonnie Neely, Coastal Commission Chair; Susan Hansch (Designated)

Ana Matosanto, Director, Department of Finance; Karen Finn (Designated)


Senate Representatives                                   Assembly Representatives     

Abel Maldonado (District 15)                        William Monning (District 27)

Joseph Simitian (District 11)                           Noreen Evans (District 7)               

Christine Kehoe (District 39)                          Lori Saldaña (District 76)


Sam Schuchat, Executive Officer

Pat Peterson, Deputy Attorney General

Glenn Alex, Legal Counsel



DATE: Thursday, February 4, 2010

TIME: 10:00 am

LOCATION: Novato Arts Center at Hamilton Field

Building 500

500 Palm Drive

Novato, CA




1.   Roll Call



2.      Approval of Minutes of December 3, 2009 Conservancy Teleconference Meeting





A.  Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization to modify its December 13, 2007 authorization to expand the project area within San Bernardino County to include Reach 4 of the Santa Ana River to implement coastal access along the Santa Ana River Parkway in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.



B.  Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization to disburse up to $75,000 to the Elkhorn Slough Foundation to define, manage and monitor 10 conservation easements in the Elkhorn Slough watershed secured through acceptance of Offers to Dedicate (OTDs) in the Elkhorn Slough watershed in northern Monterey County.



C.  Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization to disburse up to $10,000 to Moat Creek Managing Agency to operate and maintain public access improvements at Moat Creek Beach and along the Moat Creek segment of the California Coastal Trail in Mendocino County.



4.   Executive  Officer  Report 


      a.  Lechuza Beach Management Plan Update, Malibu, Los Angeles County


      b.  Briefing on Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project  in Marin County           


      c.  Ocean Protection Council Report


      d.  Legislative Report





Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization to amend the Project Cooperation Agreement between the Conservancy and the Army Corps of Engineers for the Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project to include restoration of the Bel Marin Keys Unit V property near Novato, Marin County and authorization to disburse up to an additional $2,500,000 toward implementation of the project.



6.  Deputy Attorney General’s Report



7.   Conservancy Member Comments



8.   Public Comments





        Pace v. California State Coastal Conservancy, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC408190. 


      Access for All v. Ackerberg, County of Los Angeles, Case No. BC405058, and related litigation, including Ackerberg v. California Coastal Commission, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Case No. BS122006.


      Session will be closed to the public pursuant to Government Code Section 11126(e).  





      Possible closed session to confer regarding: Lechuza Beach possible litigation; United States of America vs. 127.60 Acres of Land, more or less, situated in San Diego County, State of California, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, Civil No. 06CV1670W NLS; and other pending litigation; and/or to consider the initiation of litigation.  Session will be closed to the public pursuant to Government Code Section 11126(e).



11.   Adjournment




BOARD TOUR of Wetland Restoration Project immediately following lunch (weather permitting)


Directions to Board Meeting:  From Highway 101 North or South, take the Hamilton Field/Nave Drive exit. Turn onto Main Gate Road; Main Gate Road to Palm Drive. To 500 Palm Drive, turn right on South Palm Drive to parking.   






N.B.:   This Meeting Notice and Agenda may be found at:


   under public meeting notices



N.B.:   At any time during the meeting, but prior to the adjournment of the open session of the meeting, the Conservancy may recess or adjourn to closed session to consider personnel matters, prices and terms of real estate transactions, and possible and pending litigation.  Session will be closed to the public pursuant to attorney-client privilege and statutory authorization under Government Code Section 11126(a), (c)(7), and (e).


For more information, contact Dick Wayman at the Conservancy:


      1330 Broadway, 13th Floor

      Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 286‑4182