San Diego Port District Commercial Fisheries Revitalization Plan

In May of 2007, the California Coastal Conservancy authorized $450,000 to the Port of San Diego for the preparation of a Commercial Fisheries Revitalization and Coastal Public Access Plan aimed at Driscoll’s Wharf and Tuna Harbor. The Port contributed $50,000 in cash and $50,000 of in-kind services such as management, administration, and facilitation of the project. The work was directed to address the economic, regulatory, market, environmental, and infrastructure opportunities and constraints facing the local commercial fishing industry, as well as public access and public awareness opportunities for the sites as part of a vibrant working waterfront in the city of San Diego.

The Conservancy’s attention was drawn to the project by a group of local commercial fishermen and a local state senator, who felt that the commercial fishing industry’s interests were not sufficiently addressed in a potential development project at Tuna Harbor.

The project was conducted in two Phases. The first phase produced a Background and Existing Conditions Report. The second phase produced a Preferred Alternative and Implementation Plan.

Lisa Wise Consulting, Inc. (LWC) was retained by the Port of San Diego and a Core Committee, made up of fishermen and local stakeholders, to lead a comprehensive analysis, focusing on site conditions at Driscoll’s Wharf and Tuna Harbor. The Consultant Team included Moffatt, Nichol – Blaylock, Project Design Consultants, Linscott, Law & Greenspan, TerraCosta Consulting Group, KMA Architects & Engineers, Merkel and Associates and Helix Environmental Planning as biological consultants.

Public Participation

From the beginning of the project, the Core Committee and the Consultant Team were committed to multiple and varied opportunities for substantive community input and participation.
A major objective of the project was to identify public access and public awareness opportunities for the sites as part of a vibrant working waterfront in the city of San Diego.

Background and Existing Conditions Report (BEC)

The BEC provides a comprehensive view of the fishery and related infrastructure, markets, landing and earning trends, comparisons to State and national fisheries and other ports imports and exports, existing projects, wet and dry utilities, circulation and parking, marine structural conditions, geological and soil composition of the sites, environmental conditions and potential constraints, and a review of pertinent documents (Port Charter, Master Plan, Strategic Plan, 1980 & 1998 Commercial Fishing reports).

The BEC is the product of over 150 hours of personal interviews, as well as site visits, physical inspections (above and below water), and analysis of Port, City and County archives. The BEC includes a detailed assessment from each member of the Consultant Team in their field of expertise: land use, utilities, traffic and parking, marine structural engineering, geotechnical, and biological.

Preferred Alternative and Implementation Plan

The Preferred Alternative is a “final cut”, or collection of infrastructure and non-infrastructure improvements that have been identified, analyzed, prioritized, and approved by the Core Committee and Consultant Team. The improvements were found to be critical, feasible and appropriate for revitalization of the commercial fishing industry in San Diego.

The Implementation Plan describes each improvement, or course of action in detail, and lists estimated costs, levels of environmental review, caveats, and associated projects that might facilitate progress. The Implementation Plan includes construction, labor and material costs, permitting, and an estimate on the cost of potential biological assessments and mitigation. Cost estimates and recommendations on implementation are also included in the Marketing Plan, Management Entity Analysis, Food Plan and Fishermen’s Trust analysis.


San Diego Port District Commercial Revitalization

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