San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail Implementation Meeting #4


June 5, 2012
10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
State Coastal Conservancy
1330 Broadway, 11th Floor Conference Room
Oakland, California

Conference Call / Webinar Information:

  • To participate remotely by telephone, dial 1-888-232-3870; Participant code: 226167. Please use your mute button when not speaking and do not put us “on hold.”
  • For live, online viewing of meeting materials projected on screen to the meeting group, please register with “Gotomeeting” in advance of the meeting, allowing 15 minutes to finish that process. Join the meeting through this ID number: 368206434. The website address is Click “Join a Meeting” in the upper right-hand corner to download the software and join the meeting. Or, you can try using this address:

Desired Outcomes of Meeting:

  • Decision made regarding conditional designation of Palo Alto Baylands Sailing Station
  • Shared understanding of accessibility laws and process for development of the Water Trail Programmatic Accessibility Plan
  • Input provided on Water Trail logo and branding
  • Updates shared on topics relevant to the Water Trail program

Time – Agenda

10:00 Welcome & Introductions

10:05 Agenda Review

10:10 Trailhead Designation: Palo Alto Baylands Sailing Station

  • Presentation and review of Site Description and associated documents
    • Discussion with Advisory Committee
    • Public comment
    • Advisory Committee consensus guidance to Project Management Team
  • Project Management Team discussion and decision on designation

11:30 15-minute BREAK

11:45 Accessibility and the Water Trail

  • Overview of laws and regulations from a legal perspective
  • Overview of process and progress on WT Accessibility Plan
  • Discussion among all

12:15 Water Trail logo concepts and branding presentation

12:45 Updates

12:55 Next Steps

1:00 Adjourn

Check the Coastal Conservancy website for meeting materials posted in advance of the meeting:

Agenda items may be taken out sequence at the discretion of the Project Management Team and may take more or less time than the approximate times listed here.

Questions regarding this meeting may be addressed to Ms. Ann Buell, Coastal Conservancy Project Manager at (510) 286-0752, or

Any person who has a disability and requires reasonable accommodation to participate in this meeting should contact Mr. Dick Wayman at (510) 286-4182 or no later than five days prior to the meeting.

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