Proposition 84 Land Acquisition Notices

Tunitas Creek Acquisition and Planning

Possible authorization to disburse up to $6,200,000 to San Mateo County Parks Department for the acquisition of the 58-acre Tunitas Creek Beach, and for the preparation of plans, designs, environmental documentation and permit applications for potential public access improvements and natural resource protection at Tunitas Creek Beach.

Conservancy Board meeting: March 14, 2019

Satisfaction of PRC Section 75071 criteria:

The proposed acquisition satisfies three of the criteria of Section 75071 of the Public Resource Code as follows:

  1. Subsection (a), because the project will protect the riparian corridor of Tunitas Creek, which provides a habitat linkage from the mouth of Tunitas Creek to protected areas upstream, including Midpeninsula Open Space District’s Tunitas Creek Open Space Preserve and facilitates wildlife movement and botanical transfer.
  2. Subsection (c), because acquisition of the property will support a relatively large area of under-protected major habitat types, including sandy beach, dune, and riparian habitat; and subsection.
  3. Subsection (e), because the project is supported by non-state matching funds and in-kind contributions. Peninsula Open Space Trust, the seller of the property, is contributing additional funds to the project in the form of a bargain sale and matching funds for planning.

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