Equity and Environmental Justice

The Conservancy strives to benefit all Californians through our projects. There are underserved populations in California (such as disadvantaged communities, persons with disabilities, tribes, and others) that disproportionally confront barriers to health and wellbeing and face increased vulnerability to environmental issues. Our work to restore habitats and watersheds, provide public access and recreational opportunities, and increase resilience to climate change should promote environmental equity and justice.

Three overarching objectives in the current Strategic Plan help to ensure that the work of the Conservancy promotes environmental equity and justice. These objectives include numerical targets, so that the Conservancy’s progress can be tracked and reported on annually.

  1. Prioritize projects for funding that are located in disadvantaged communities or directly benefit disadvantaged communities.
  2. Increase the resilience to climate change impacts of communities along the coast of California or in the San Francisco Bay Area that lack capacity due to systemic inequities.
  3. Increase coastal access for all Californians, by supporting organizations that provide coastal experiences to underserved populations, by increasing physical access for persons with disabilities, by providing information about visitor-serving amenities on the coast, and by reducing barriers such as the cost of lodging.

We have embarked on a process of developing Environmental Justice Guidelines to steer our work.   Information on this process was presented to our Board in March 2019, and can be found here.


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