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Proposition 68 (“Prop 68”), the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018, was approved by voters in June 2018. The purposes of Prop 68 include creating parks, enhancing river parkways, and protecting coastal forests and wetlands. Prop 68 also provides funding for outdoor access, lower cost coastal accommodations and climate adaptation. Prop 68 allocates a total of $204.8 million to the Coastal Conservancy for various purposes.

The Coastal Conservancy adopted Prop 68 Guidelines in December 2018 to explain the process and criteria that the Conservancy will use to solicit applications, evaluate proposals, and award grants with Prop 68 funds under the Conservancy’s programs.

For the fiscal year of July 2019 to June 2020, the only available funds from Proposition 68 are for overnight coastal accommodations, coastal redwood forests, and a variety of San Francisco Bay projects.

For most Prop 68 grants, the Conservancy will use a pre-proposal process. Pre-proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis.  To submit a pre-proposal for a Prop 68 project, please use the materials on the Grant Application Page.

SF Bay Area Prop 68 Draft Climate Adaptation Grant Guidelines

Prop 68 provides funding to assist coastal communities with adaptation to climate change, including $14 million allocated to the San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program of the Coastal Conservancy (“Prop 68 SF Bay Climate Funds”). This chapter of Prop 68 requires that the Coastal Conservancy (“Conservancy”) develop competitive grant guidelines. The draft guidelines are posted here. Comments on the draft guidelines should be emailed to by July 19, 2019. The Conservancy will also hold three public meetings to receive comments on these guidelines.  Information on those meetings can be found here.

Grant News

  • Request for Disbursement Form
    The Request for Disbursement Form can be found here.  Please download it, fill it out, and submit the document with an original signature, printed single-sided in Portrait orientation. Please note that because an original signature is required, electronic copies of RFDs will not be accepted. See RFD instructions for more information. Please also refer to the COSTS AND DISBURSEMENTS section of […] (Read more on Request for Disbursement...)
  • Grant Application and Award Process
    Contact the Regional Manager for your geographic area.  They will advise you on submitting an application for ongoing grant programs or for a scheduled grant round with an upcoming deadline. (a).  If you are applying for ongoing grant funding, develop a pre-proposal and submit to the Regional Manager.  After the pre-proposal is reviewed, you will […] (Read more on Grant Application and...)
  • Grant Process Instructions
    The instructions for the Coastal Conservancy grant process can be found here: SCC Instructions Grant Application 2019  (Read more on Grant Process Instructions...)
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