Urban Greening

In many urban areas, there are opportunities to create greener, more environmentally sustainable and livable communities by creating new parks, improving existing parks and green spaces, and planting trees. If designed correctly, these projects can infiltrate stormwater, improve groundwater recharge, and improve water quality. Projects may also provide additional benefits such as reducing urban heat island effects, improving air quality, increasing walkability and increasing neighborhood safety.

The Conservancy has helped plan and construct several multi-benefit urban greening projects in many coastal cities. With Proposition 1 funds the Conservancy will implement more projects of this type that incorporate many green infrastructure elements, including water retention and storage, and shade trees for heat relief.  These are projects that provide at least two of the following benefits:

Rainwater harvesting in LA

Rainwater Harvesting Project in LA

  • Increasing groundwater recharge
  • Reducing urban runoff
  • Improving water quality
  • Improving urban watershed health
  • Creating public green-space
  • Expanding urban forests.


Los Angeles Urban Greening

The Conservancy’s L.A. Urban Greening program is a $11.5 million multi-year program to expand open space and support water quality in under-served communities in Los Angeles.

The program is composed of multi-benefit projects that:

  • Create new parks and improve existing parks and green spaces
  • Improve groundwater recharge, reduce storm water runoff and improve coastal water quality
  • Help cool down neighborhoods with native plantings
  • Create urban greenways with bike and pedestrian paths
  • Improve recreation opportunities in park-poor neighborhoods
  • Support the restoration of the L.A. River

The Coastal Conservancy has been designing and funding Urban Greening projects in Los Angeles county since 2008.  In a city known for its concrete sprawl, we have been working to introduce green spaces and green infrastructure to communities that have been historically deprived of natural spaces.  Through our Climate Ready program we have funded projects to increase the city’s resilience to climate change and water scarcity.  These Urban Greening projects support LA’s journey towards becoming a greener, more sustainable and healthier city.

An interactive map of our projects in Los Angeles can be found here.

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