Coastal Conservancy Approves over $17.5 million in Grants for Coastal Restoration, Protection and Access

September 10, 2018 – Last week, the Board of the State Coastal Conservancy approved 17 grants totaling over $17.5 million for restoration, protection and public access projects along the California coast.

Notably, among those was an authorization of $9.75 million to the Wildlands Conservancy for the acquisition of approximately 1,390 acres along the Santa Margarita River, San Diego County, to establish the Santa Margarita River Trail Preserve. The Preserve will be protected from development and the trails will remain open and accessible for the general public as they have been used for decades. The Santa Margarita River offers one of the best opportunities to re-establish a steelhead trout population in coastal Southern California and, by securing conservation of the property, this preserve will provide natural resource protection and wildlife connectivity between the adjacent open space properties.

The Board also approved $825,000 in Explore the Coast grants to 27 nonprofit organizations and public agencies for projects that facilitate and enhance the public’s opportunities to explore the California coast throughout the State.  This is the Conservancy’s fifth round of Explore the Coast grants.  We have now allocated over $5 million to 176 projects that get more Californians out enjoying our coastal resources.  Learn more about our Explore the Coast grants in this video.

More information and a full list of projects can be found here.

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