Project Selection Criteria

The Coastal Conservancy adopted its current Project Selection Criteria on October 2, 2014.

Required Criteria

  • Promotion of the Conservancy’s statutory programs and purposes[1]
  • Consistency with purposes of the funding source[2]
  • Promotion and implementation of state plans and policies (specific plans and policies that are being considered or implemented)
  • Support from the public
  • Location (must benefit coastal, ocean resources, or the San Francisco Bay region)
  • Need (desired project or result will not occur without Conservancy participation)
  • Greater-than-local interest
  • Sea level rise vulnerability (Consistent with Executive Order S-13-08, for new projects located in areas vulnerable to future sea level rise, planning shall consider a range of sea level rise scenarios in order to assess project vulnerability and, to the extent feasible, reduce expected risks and increase resiliency to sea level rise.)

Additional Criteria

  • Urgency (threat to a coastal or ocean resource from development, natural or economic conditions; pressing need; or a fleeting opportunity)
  • Resolution of more than one issue
  • Leverage (contribution of funds or services by other entities)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Innovation (for example, environmental or economic demonstration)
  • Readiness (ability of the grantee and others to start and finish the project timely)
  • Realization of prior Conservancy goals (advances previous Conservancy projects)
  • Return to Conservancy (funds will be repaid to the Conservancy, consistent with the Conservancy’s long-term financial strategy)
  • Cooperation (extent to which the public, nonprofit groups, landowners, and others will contribute to the project)
  • Vulnerability from climate change impacts other than sea level rise (project objectives, design, and siting consider and address vulnerabilities from climate change impacts other than sea level rise)
  • Minimization of greenhouse gas emissions (project design and construction methods include measures to avoid or minimize greenhouse gas emissions to the extent feasible and consistent with the project objectives)

[1] Conservancy statutory programs that impose criteria: Division 21 of the Public Resources Code: Ch. 4, Preservation of Agricultural Land; Ch. 4.5, San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program; Ch. 5, Coastal Restoration Projects; Ch. 5.5, Integrated Coastal and Marine Resources Protection; Ch. 6, Coastal Resources Enhancement Projects; Ch. 7, Urban Waterfront Restoration; Ch. 8, Reservation of Significant Coastal Resource Areas; Ch. 9, System of Public Accessways.

[2] Examples of funding sources that contain criteria: Habitat Conservation Fund (wildlife habitat enhancement); Renewable Resource Investment Fund (access associated with resource enhancement projects); River Parkways Fund (projects along coastal rivers).

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