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California State Coastal Conservancy
1515 Clay Street, 10th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612-1401
(510) 286-1015

The Conservancy develops and supports projects that protect and improve natural, scenic, and recreational resources that support local economies and improve residents’ quality of life.

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Conservancy Staff

If you have a request for information, concern, or complaint that pertains to a particular Conservancy Program or area, contact one of the Conservancy’s Executive Staff, Regional Managers or Project Managers.

Please direct any requests for information to the proper contact below:


Communications Director

Taylor Samuelson – taylor.samuelson (at) or (510) 286-4182

Tribal Liaison & Equity Coordinator

Emely Lopez – emely.lopez (at) or (510) 286-0342

Public Records Requests

The State Coastal Conservancy follows the California Public Records Act and is mindful of the right of individuals to inspect and obtain copies of public records – learn more.

Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator

Amy Hutzel – amy.hutzel (at) or (510) 286-4180

Policy on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

The State Coastal Conservancy will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities.  Our Policy on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability can be found here.

ADA Grievances

Information on how to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by the State of California State Coastal Conservancy can be found here.

Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Advocate

  • Erlinda Corpuz – erlinda.corpuz (at) or (510) 286-0515
  • Alexander Pineda – alexander.pineda (at) or (510) 286-4372
  • Shemar Mauleon – shemar.mauleon (at) or (510) 286-4159

Conservancy’s Regional Managers or Project Managers

All Coastal Conservancy staff can be reached at 510-286-1015

  • Executive Officer:
    Amy Hutzel – amy.hutzel (at)
  • Deputy Executive Officer:
    Mary Small – mary.small (at)
  • Administrative Deputy Executive Officer:
    Helen Kang –  helen.kang (at)

Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, coastal Sonoma, and coastal Marin counties

Regional Manager

  • Karyn Gear – karyn.gear (at)

Deputy Regional Manager

  • Joel Gerwein – joel.gerwein (at)

Project Managers

  • Michael Bowen – michael.bowen (at)
  • Su Corbaley – su.corbaley (at)
  • Fanny Yang – fanny.yang (at)
  • Louisa Morris – louisa.morris (at)
  • Simone Nageon de Lestang – simone.nageondelestang (at)

San Francisco, bayside Marin, bayside Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and bayside San Mateo counties

Regional Manager

  • Moira McEnespy – moira.mcenespy (at)

Deputy Regional Managers

  • Jessica Davenport – jessica.davenport (at)
  • Evyan Sloane – evyan.sloane (at)

Project Managers

  • Vanessa Aczon – vanessa.aczon (at)
  • Laura Cholodenko – laura.cholodenko (at)
  • Virgilio Cuasay – virgilio.cuasay (at)
  • Sara Haugen –
  • Avra Heller – avra.heller (at)
  • Erica Johnson – erica.johnson (at)
  • Shalini Kannan – shalini.kannan (at)
  • Marilyn Latta – marilyn.latta (at)
  • Linda Tong – linda.tong (at)

Coastal San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties

Regional Manager

  • Trish Chapman – trish.chapman (at)

Deputy Regional Manager

  • Hilary Hill – hilary.hill (at)

Project Managers

  • Rachel Couch – rachel.couch (at)
  • Tim Duff – tim.duff (at)
  • Tom Gandesbery – tom.gandesbery (at)
  • Erin Gravley – erin.gravley (at)
  • Irvin Tang – irvin.tang (at)
  • Kostoula Vallianos – kostoula.vallianos (at)

Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties

Regional Manager

  • Megan Cooper – megan.cooper (at)

Deputy Regional Managers

  • Greg Gauthier – greg.gauthier (at)
  • Kara Kemmler – kara.kemmler (at)

Project Managers

  • Dario Bobeda-Padilla – dario.bobeda-padilla (at)
  • Rodrigo Garcia – rodrigo.garcia (at)
  • Sam Jenniches – sam.jenniches (at)
  • Chris Kroll – chris.kroll (at)
  • Dahn Lai – dahn.lai (at)
  • Carol Martinez – carol.martinez (at)
  • Katie Nichols – katie.nichols (at)
  • Bryce Perog – bryce.perog (at)

Administration Staff

  • Director of Fiscal Services:
    German Garcia – german.garcia (at)
  • Human Resources, Budgets, Grants Manager:
    Gail Ignacio –  gail.ignacio (at)
  • Human Resources Lead:
    Johanna Collins – johanna.collins (at)
  • Contracts & Procurement Manager:
    Erlinda Corpuz – erlinda.corpuz (at)
  • Contracts & Procurement Lead:
    Shemar Mauleon – shemar.mauleon (at)
  • Procurement Officer:
    Alexander Pineda – alexander.pineda (at)
  • Accounting Manager:
    Marita Nuval – marita.nuval (at)
  • Accounting Lead:
    Jamil Mahmood – jamil.mahmood (at)
  • Budget Officer & Grants Administrator:
    Sean Williamson – sean.williamson (at)
  • Grants Officer:
    Ashmika Singh – Ashmika.Singh (at)
  • Business Services Administrative Analyst:
    Devin Bancod – devin.bancod (at)

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