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Information on Coastal Conservancy Grants can be found on our Grants page.

Coastal Conservancy staff work mostly remotely; please email us for assistance.   

Please note that the Conservancy is only processing electronic invoices.  Instructions on how to submit invoices electronically can be found here. 

During this time, in lieu of accepting personal service of process, the State Coastal Conservancy commits to accepting service via a notice of acknowledgment and receipt (CCP section 415.30) if the notice and the papers being served are emailed to both: and


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The Coastal Conservancy is a State agency established in 1976 to protect and improve natural lands and waterways, help people access and enjoy the outdoors, and sustain local economies along the length of California’s coast and around San Francisco Bay.

Our Mission
Our vision is of a beautiful, restored, and accessible coast for current and future Californians. We act with others to protect and restore, and increase public access to, California’s coast, ocean, coastal watersheds and the San Francisco Bay Area.


About: The Coastal Conservancy protects coastal resources and helps the public to enjoy them. This page has information about us, including the Coastal Conservancy Board, Strategic Plan, and Jobs.


Projects and Programs: The Coastal Conservancy is actively supporting hundreds of projects along the coast and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about our projects and programs.

Climate Ready Programs

Climate: Climate change is having profound impacts on California’s coastal resources. The Coastal Conservancy is leading many efforts to prepare for and reduce these impacts.

Outdoor OutreachGrants: Information about current grant opportunities and resources for grant applicants are posted on this page.

Meetings and Notices: The Coastal Conservancy meets 5-6 times a year around the state. Upcoming meeting agendas and past meeting archives are posted on here along with public notices and information about other public meetings held by the Conservancy.



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