Resources for Grantees

Here’s an overview of typical terms of a grant from the Coastal Conservancy.

Sample Resolution

Grant recipients are required to have their governing board adopt a resolution providing authority for the organization to enter into the Conservancy’s grant agreement. These sample resolutions can be used by grantees as a draft in developing their resolution:

Work Program

For most projects other than acquisitions, the grantee will be required to prepare a Work Program, including budget and schedule that must be approved by the Conservancy before the Conservancy will approve the disbursement of any funds to the grantee. The documents  linked below provide a guide for developing work programs. Note that complicated project budgets should be prepared and presented in Excel (or another spreadsheet program) rather than in a Word document.

Overhead and Budget Policies

Community Engagement

Community Engagement increases the long-term success of most projects.  The Coastal Conservancy put together Tips for Meaningful Community Engagement to assist grantees.

Acknowledgement Plans

As part of a grant agreement with the State Coastal Conservancy, we require that grantees publicly acknowledge the Conservancy’s funding for their project and/or program.  Prior to beginning the project, grantees must submit a plan to their project manager for acknowledgment of Conservancy support and, in the case of capital projects, the installation of signs at the project site.


Invoices submitted to the Conservancy for payment must be mailed in to:

Attn: Contracts

State Coastal Conservancy

1515 Clay Street, 10th Floor

Oakland, CA 94612


And must include the following:

  • Completed Request For Disbursement (RFD) Form  Please download and fill out this PDF and submit the document with an original signature, printed single-sided in Portrait orientation. Please note that because an original signature is required, electronic copies of RFDs will not be accepted. See RFD instructions for more information. Please also refer to the COSTS AND DISBURSEMENTS section of your grant agreement for additional information on what costs are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Backup documentation of all charges on the RFD.
  • Progress report on work completed during the period covered by the RFD and broken down by task.

Grant News

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