Grantee Manual

Congratulations on your Coastal Conservancy grant award! This Grantee Manual tells you, the grant recipient, what to expect as you manage your Conservancy grant. It also provides links to key documents we, the Coastal Conservancy, may require as part of your grant. The Grantee Manual is arranged by chapters that address key questions you may have about your Conservancy grant.

The rules and processes described in this manual are designed to help your grant-funded project be a success, ensure timely payments to you, and help your grant pass an audit without problems (all Coastal Conservancy grants can be audited by the State’s Department of Finance, either during or after the completion of the grant-funded project).

A flow chart of the steps and responsibilities in managing a Conservancy grant can be found here.

A series of short videos explaining the steps in managing a grant can be found here.

Contact your Conservancy Project Manager if you have questions about your Conservancy grant. We are here to help you and make sure your project is a success!

  1. How do I get my grant?
  2. When can I start work under my grant?
  3. How do I get paid?
  4. How do I handle sign and funder acknowledgement requirements?
  5. When should I communicate with my Conservancy Project Manager? What if I need to make changes?
  6. How do I wrap up my grant?
  7. What else will help make my project a great success?
  8. Index of forms, guidance, and sample documents.

The full Grantee Manual can be viewed and downloaded here.


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