Diablo Canyon Lands RFQ

The California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) is seeking qualifications for contractors to assist SCC and its state and local agency partners, tribes, and community groups to plan for future land conservation and public and tribal uses of the roughly 12,000-acre Diablo Canyon Lands surrounding the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County. The total amount of funds disbursed under this contract shall not exceed $5,000,000 (five million dollars). Execution of the contract is contingent on SCC board approval that is expected to occur at its next meeting on February 15, 2024. The staff report can be found here.


The lands are currently owned by PG&E, or one of its subsidiaries, but are expected to transfer into other ownership as part of the long-term power plant decommissioning.


The scope of this contract is to:

1) Obtain and review existing conditions data and information and prepare a variety of studies and analyses needed to inventory, characterize, and map the locations of the property’s significant natural, biological, cultural, and tribal resources; topography; geology; hazards; and other relevant property attributes;

2) assist SCC in conducting an extensive tribal partnership program;

3) conduct a robust community engagement program;

4) assist SCC as needed to facilitate the long-term ownership, management, and public access to the DCL including identification of potential trail routes, trailheads, parking, restrooms, and camping areas;

5) work in collaboration with SCC to prepare easements for conservation, cultural resource protection, and public access;  and

6) provide other technical assistance as needed.


The information gathered through the technical studies, tribal partnerships and community engagement will inform the subsequent preparation of one or more conservation, cultural resource protection, and public access easements by the selected contractor in close coordination with SCC, its local and state agency partners, the local community and tribes.  The contract will require the development and implementation of robust programs for tribal partnership and community engagement.


The contract duration is expected to be three (3) years but could extend up to five (5) years.


SCC’s process of selection for this proposal will follow SCC’s environmental services contracting process, in which SCC solicits a list of contractors referenced by area of specialization, evaluates applications, and then makes a final decision based on demonstrated competence and qualifications. SCC will negotiate and manage this contract.


The SCC is a non-regulatory state agency that works to preserve, improve, and restore the natural resources, agricultural lands, watersheds, urban waterfronts, public access and recreation along the Pacific coast and the San Francisco Bay shoreline and its adjacent counties.


The RFQ documents can be found here. 

A webinar on the RFQ was held on 2/20/2024. A recording can be found here.

Q&A on the RFP are at the bottom of this page.


Respondents to this Request for Qualifications must submit the information requested below electronically in Microsoft Word or PDF format to tim.duff@scc.ca.gov on or before 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2024


  1. Do you require bidders to demonstrate a good faith effort to include DVBEs in their submission?

We do not require that bidders demonstrate a good faith effort to include DVBEs.  However, if they are a DVBE or have a DVBE subcontractor doing  3% or more of the work, we will grant them a preference in the evaluation process.

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