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The Coastal Conservancy helps achieves its mission through awarding grants to partner organizations to undertake projects that further its goals. For more information about the kind of work the Coastal Conservancy engages in, please see: Conservancy Projects.


The Conservancy may awards grants to public agencies and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations whose purposes are consistent with the Conservancy’s enabling legislation – Division 21 of the California Public Resources Code. Projects must also be consistent with the Conservancy’s Project Selection Criteria.

Current Grant Opportunities

Explore the Coast Grant Round

In addition to specific grant rounds, the Coastal Conservancy accepts grant applications on an ongoing basis. Grants are available to government agencies and nonprofit organizations and funding availability is subject to legislative appropriation. The grant application and instructions are posted here.

What the Conservancy Funds

The Conservancy funds projects that help it achieve the goals and objectives of its Strategic Plan (2013-2018). The goals are listed below; refer to the plan for additional detail on specific objectives. Projects that help achieve multiple objectives will receive higher priority for funding. The Conservancy will fund most stages of a project including: pre-project feasibility studies, property acquisition, planning (for large areas or specific sites) and design, environmental review, construction, monitoring, and, in limited circumstances, maintenance.

  • Strategic Plan Goals
    • Goal 1: Develop the California Coastal Trail as a major recreational amenity, tourist attraction, and alternative transportation system.
    • Goal 2: Expand the system of coastal public accessways, open-space areas, parks, and inland trails that connect to the coast.
    • Goal 3: Revitalize coastal and inland waterfronts that provide significant public benefits and promote sustainable economic development.
    • Goal 4: Protect significant coastal resource properties, including cropland, rangeland, and forests.
    • Goal 5: Enhance biological diversity, improve water quality, habitat, and other natural resources within coastal watersheds.
    • Goal 6: Enhance coastal working lands, including cropland, rangeland, and forests.
    • Goal 7: Enhance the resiliency of coastal communities and ecosystems to the impacts of climate change.
    • Goal 8: Provide non-regulatory alternatives to reduce conflicts among competing uses in the Coastal Zone.
    • Goal 9: Expand environmental education efforts to improve public understanding, use, and stewardship of coastal resources.
    • Goal 10: Identify and prioritize long-term resource and recreational goals for the San Francisco Bay Area.
    • Goal 11: Protect and enhance natural habitats and connecting corridors, watersheds, scenic areas, and other open-space resources of regional importance in the Bay Area.
    • Goal 12: Improve public access, recreation, and educational facilities and programs in and around San Francisco Bay, along the coast, the ridgelines, in urban open spaces, and natural areas.
    • Goal 13: Protect Bay Area working lands and support farmers and ranchers in implementing stewardship of the natural resources on their lands.

Applying for a Conservancy Grant

Before applying for a grant from the Coastal Conservancy, it is strongly recommended that you contact the manager of the region where your project is located (see list below). If your project concept meets our criteria and would be a priority under our Strategic Plan, then Conservancy staff will help your organization develop a proposal for Conservancy funding.

SCC/OPC Project Viewer

SCC Project Viewer

Grant News

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