Grant Application and Award Process

  1. Contact the Regional Manager for your geographic area.  They will advise you on submitting an application for ongoing grant programs or for a scheduled grant round with an upcoming deadline.
  2. (a).  If you are applying for ongoing grant funding, develop a pre-proposal and submit to the Regional Manager.  After the pre-proposal is reviewed, you will be asked to make revisions or submit a full application.  This process typically takes 1-4 months.
    (b). If you are applying for a scheduled grant round, develop a full application and submit it by the RFP deadline.  RFPs are generally open for 2-4 months.
  3. Staff will review applications and notify applicants of the projects that will be recommended to the Board for funding.  For applications based on pre-proposals, this review and selection process takes 1-2 months.  For RFPs, this process takes 3-5 months.
  4. Staff presents projects to the Conservancy Board for their consideration and approval.
  5. Staff will work with successful grantees to develop documentation and pre-requisites before Grant Agreement is executed. This typically takes 1-2 months.
  6. Grantee can commence work and submit monthly invoices to the Conservancy.  Invoices are typically paid within 6 weeks of receipt.

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