Hamilton Wetlands and Bel Marin Keys Unit V Restoration

construction vehicles at BMK

Update August 2021
We are near completion of Phase 1 of the restoration project. More information on the restoration of the seasonal wetlands and volunteer opportunities can be found on the Novato Baylands Stewards website.
Update December 2020:

Before demobilizing from the site for the rainy season, we anticipate that the North end of the project (closest to BMK) including the tie into the Novato Creek levee, the alkali meadow, seasonal wetlands, and the pump station will all be complete. The only Phase 1 tasks left to be completed are the work associated with tie into the NSD Outfall, and the N1 levee tie in at the very South end of the project.

Videos from the 2020 construction season can be found below:

Sheep and goats used for vegetation management


New Levee Construction


Construction Activities


The restoration of Bel Marin Keys Unit V resumed the week of April 1, 2020 with the mobilization of equipment to the site. The project has been deemed an essential public works project, so is proceeding on schedule. The project team is practicing physical distancing and taking additional precautions to protect themselves, each other and the community.


In response to BMKCSD dust control concerns, the project team is evaluating the options available.


As before, large vehicles will be working on site and visibility can be limited so please stay on the upper levee road and keep pets on leashes.
Also, please be aware that the site includes protected species habitat and that a buffer zone will be established as a protection. Please stay on the designated roads and avoid sightseeing – these animals, and their habitat, are extremely sensitive and legally protected.


For questions related to the construction of the project, please contact Construction Manager Russell Barnes: 707-815-1707; rbarnes@wilshireconsultingllc.com .


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On August 22, 2019, the Board of the State Coastal Conservancy approved $20 million in funding for the first phase of the restoration of BMKV.  A solicitation for bids for construction of the Bel Marin Keys Unit V Phase 1 project component of the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project was posted at Cal eProcure. The construction manager is Russ Barnes of Wilshire Consulting: rbarnes@wilshireconsultingllc.com.

The restoration of Bel Marin Keys Unit V (BMKV) and the adjacent North Antenna Field (NAF) is expected to commence this Fall (2019). The restoration of these properties will create new wetlands habitat for wildlife, flood protection for the community of Bel Marin Keys and complete the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project.  This component of the Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project seeks to create a mosaic of tidal, seasonal, and transitional habitat by constructing flood control features, placing dredged material to elevate the diked, subsided baylands, and reintroducing tidal waters to the site.


This is a list of documents relevant to the Hamilton-Bel Marin Keys Wetland Restoration Project. If you would like a copy of any, please send an email to: virgilio.cuasay (at) scc.ca.gov

Bel Marin Keys Unit V

  • BMKV Phase 1 Project
  • BMKV Phase I Plan – BMKCSD 8-18-16 (pdf)
  • BMKV Plans Set (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 Technical Specifications (pdf)
  • Addendum to SEIR/S for BMKV Phase 1 Project, August 2017 (pdf)
  • BMK Preliminary Design Report Feb 2016 (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 Seasonal Wetland Preliminary Design Report, Aug 2017 (pdf)
  • BMKV Geotechnical Investigation Report, Aug 2017 (pdf)
  • Staff Recommendation – BMK Design 6-25-2015 (pdf), Exhibit 1 (pdf), Exhibit 2 (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 Staff Recommendation 9-28-17 (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 Construction Staff Recommendation 8-22-2019 (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 Jurisdictional Determination Maps (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 JARPA Permit Application (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 BCDC Permit (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 CDFW Permit (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 RWQCB Permit (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 USACE Permit (pdf)
  • BMKV Phase 1 USFWS Informal Consultation (pdf)
  • Final General Reevaluation Report and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Impact Statement, 2003 – State Coastal Conservancy and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Text and Figures
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Study, Bel Marin Keys Expansion of Hamilton Wetlands (pdf)
    Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for FUDS Generated Soils Stored on BMKV (large pdf)


  • Hamilton Wetland Restoration Plan (pdf)
  • Wildlife Corridor Planting Plan and Native Plant Nursery Plan, May 2010, BMP Ecosciences (pdf)
  • Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan, 2013 (large pdf)
  • Hamilton Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement, 1998 (pdf)
  • Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project 2015 Report (Year 0 – 2014/15 Monitoring, June 2016) (pdf)
  • Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project Year 1 – 2015/16 Monitoring Report (May 2017) (pdf)
  • Hamilton Wetlands Post-Construction As-Built Survey Review – Breach and Completion Contract (January 2016) (pdf)
  • Creating Seasonal Wetlands and Upland Vegetation for the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project 2015-2016 (September 2016) (pdf)
  • Public Outreach, Restoration Outplanting, Monitoring and Management Activities at the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project 2016-2017 (April 2017) (pdf)
  • General Presentation (large PowerPoint)
  • Aquatic Transfer Facility
  • Aquatic Transfer Facility Presentation (pdf)
  • Aquatic Transfer Facility for Dredged Material, 2008, Draft SEIS/R (large pdf)

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