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Eelgrass planting in the SF Bay

Eelgrass Planting

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Pre-Proposal Application

NonProfit Pre-Award Questionnaire

The Coastal Conservancy accepts pre-proposal applications from government agencies, federally-recognized tribes, and nonprofit organizations on an ongoing basis.

Prospective applicants may discuss their projects with Conservancy staff prior to completing or submitting the pre-proposal. Please contact the appropriate Program Manager from the list below, listed from North to South:

North Coast: Del Norte County to coastside Sonoma and Marin Counties: Karyn Gear: karyn.gear (at) or 510-286-4171

San Francisco Bay Area: Nine Bay Area Counties, excluding the coastside of Sonoma, Marin, and San Mateo Counties: Moira McEnespy: moira.mcenespy (at) or 510-286-0317

Central Coast: coastside San Mateo County to Santa Barbara County: Trish Chapman: trish.chapman (at) or 510-286-0749

South Coast: Ventura County to San Diego County: Megan Cooper: megan.cooper (at) or 510-286-4172

Continuous Submission Dates

Pre-proposals will be accepted on a continuous basis. In addition, periodically grant rounds are advertised and applications are accepted for projects of a particular type or for specific locations. See Current Grant Opportunities for more information.

Please submit your pre-proposal electronically, including all attachments to grants (at) If you are unable to send the documents via email, please contact the appropriate Regional Manager above  to discuss alternate ways to submit your electronic files. Please note: all information that you submit is subject to the unqualified and unconditional right of the Conservancy to use, reproduce, publish, or display, free of charge. Please indicate if crediting is requested for any of the photos and/or maps.

For the fiscal year of July 2019 to June 2020, the only available funds from Proposition 68 are for overnight coastal accommodations, coastal redwood forests, and a variety of San Francisco Bay projects (for the SF Bay Program, please watch this space for notices of when wetlands-related or “climate ready program”-related pre-proposals will be accepted.

Grant Amounts

There are no established minimum or maximum grant amounts. The Coastal Conservancy will base the size of awards on project needs, benefits and competing demands for existing funding.

Eligible Applicants

Government agencies (federal, state, local, and special districts), federally-recognized tribes, and certain nonprofit organizations are eligible for funding. Eligible nonprofit organizations must exist under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eligibility of nonprofit organizations is defined by whether an organization’s articles of incorporation (and IRS letter) demonstrate that the organization’s purposes are consistent with Division 21 of the Public Resources Code, the Coastal Conservancy’s enabling legislation.

Eligible Activities

The Coastal Conservancy may fund property acquisition and project planning, design, and/or construction in accordance with Division 21 of the Public Resources Code. Projects should meet the goals and objectives in the Conservancy’s Strategic Plan, and be consistent with the purposes of the funding source, typically bond funds. In addition, project applications should provide information that will enable consideration of any applicable criteria specified in the Project Selection Criteria and Guidelines established by the Conservancy’s board. Regional planning, research, monitoring, and assessments will generally be considered only when directly tied to the furtherance of on-the-ground projects.

California Conservation Corps

The Coastal Conservancy encourages all applicants to consider using the California Conservation Corps for construction projects. Applications for Prop 1 funding for restoration and ecosystem protection projects must include a completed Corps Consultation Review form.

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